At Titan Environmental we don’t just use the latest technology, we create it.  We have teamed up with dedicated experts in the field of product development and developed a safer, more secure, and efficient containment.  BearAcade is a revolutionary plastic that is self-adhesive and can be put up by one person.
You can literally see the difference...

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"Traditional Containment"

Using BearAcade provides the following benefits:

Cost Reduction    

  • Up to10X faster application, applicator Reduces need for ladders
  • Reduces spray adhesives, taping
  • Apply over obstacles
  • Less damage to surfaces
  • Fewer containment failures
  • Speeds clean up, vacuuming
  • Productivity improvement
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Reduced labor burden


  • Reduces negative pressure containment failures
  • Less subject to puncture
  • Greatly reduces propagation of dry & liquid contaminants
  • Significantly improves worker safety
  • Slipperiness of floors reduced
  • Reduced reporting of containment failures

Benefits To Customers

  • Abatement phase of overall project is more secure and efficient.
  • Building is turned over to general contractor with limited interruption.
  • Building is returned to owner sooner.